Wednesday, June 11, 2014

11 summers left

Summer is officially here people. My kids finished the last day of school yesterday, and already they are sneaking spoons of ice cream out of the freezer-even as I type this.

I am eager and slightly terrified to spend the summer with them. The Nester reminded me today that I only have 18 summers. That’s right, just 18 summers with my kids before they move out and on their own. This backward way of counting summer makes me equal parts sad and equal parts excited. Sad because we only have a certain amount of summer time left; and time, she flies faster than we realize. But I also feel excited at the thought that I still 11 summers left with kids. I have 8 with my oldest, 10 with my middle, and 11 with my baby. 

It makes me feel very certain that I need to measure these days carefully. 

With that in mind I have already learned that I need to be mindful of how I spend my time. And I am also reminded that as my kids grow they might not always want to hang out with me like they used to. Friends and adventures call, and I’m usually left holding the phone wondering how they got out of the house so fast. This makes it important that we are intentional about the time we do get to spend together. 

I won’t be posting as much here, simply for that kid reason. My writing time is limited and much of it will be spent getting a book proposal ready. I am also super excited (and slightly terrified) to be attending She Speaks this year. As I prepare for that I realize that I’ll only have so many brain cells left to give to other writing. As it’s summer, I’m sure you’ll understand. I’m going to assume that you’re off adventuring too and won’t take as much time to read. Maybe I’m wrong? Either way, we’ve got many long days and much sticky watermelon ahead of us.

We have a whole summer stretched before us to play and explore and rest and lounge. And I plan to be fully present in each of those, with the kids and friends and other family. This is summer number 10 with all the kids, eight to go and let’s use the time well.

May you enjoy your summer week friends.

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