Friday, July 18, 2014

5 minute Friday {Bloom}

There's a fight to bloom. In this scorching heat, surrounded by wildfire haze, the sunflowers I never plant push out.

They explode and it's the heat that draws them.

Joseph learned this in a prison, waiting and forgotten. He was forgotten by everyone, everyone except the One who mattered most. God saw him there in his prison, and he reminds us that perhaps the process of growth is the point. The preparation that came only through heat and trials is what made Joseph a man who would save a nation.

It's the heat that pulled out the beauty of the flower. And the fiery trials of my life forge me into who I am. Without them I would just be an empty seed. But the pain and the heat that God allows is what makes his daughters bloom. The sunflower can't see it. Joseph probably couldn't see it either. We forget that the process is the point. The painstaking growth of allowing God to stretch us is what eventually makes our lives bloom.

We shouldn't run from trials. We should chose to run to God's refining fire of God in the middle of them. That is what makes a life bloom.

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  1. Beautiful. I will never look at a sunflower without thinking of this. I love the way they fight. And I love their bold colors and how tall they stand and how they sprout up from every construction site and back fence. You're right - if we hadn't lived through the trials, we wouldn't be who we are today. Stopping by from FMF.


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