Wednesday, September 10, 2014

fighting fear with God's Word

As a child I would lay in bed and worry. Fear kept me from sleeping as thoughts of house fires, bankruptcy, homelessness, and monsters in the night filled my mind. They clouded my soul with fear and occupied me with dread.

I grew up, but didn’t grow out of fear. Instead, fear began creeping into other areas of my life.

A new fear came along after I became a mother; I began to fear sickness. That fear was a constant companion when my kids were little. With three babies in four years, it is inevitable that germs will spread. 

For me it started with an epic case of the stomach flu, and with one bout of sickness a stronghold of fear began to build in my life.

You see, the enemy wants to build up strongholds in our lives. He will come and bother us with wrong thinking and bad ideas and feelings of discouragement, or a general sense of doom. I’ve lived it over and over. 

Thankfully, I'm gaining freedom. But it's not without a fight. I'm sharing about that over at my dear friend's space:  Bring Bread. Click over to read about my battle with fear, and how God's word provided me with freedom

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