Friday, September 5, 2014

natural gray hair

There are a thousand reasons why you should not, under any circumstances, embrace your natural gray hair. Be prepared, I have visual evidence of why this is such a bad idea. This is your only warning. 

For one, only grandmas sport this color. Surely, someone as hip and young as your 36 year old self would never be caught dead with her roots showing. That takes nerve. 

Also, if for some strange reason you decide to actually go gray, you will surely freak yourself out every single time you catch of glimpse of your reflection in a mirror. Or a store window. Or in the reflection of your just washed minivan. This freaking out will no doubt remove several years from your life, and might even actually cause more gray hair. Because of the stress and all. In addition, it causes you to look like the crazy person who studies their reflection in a store window, only to be surprised to realize that someone is inside the store, staring back. Ask me how I know this. No, please don’t. It’s too embarrassing. 

And, if you don’t have gray hair, you can avoid those nasty identity crisis moments that letting your hair go inevitably causes. Will my husband still want to take me to bed? Will my children laugh at their old mom, who has gray hair sticking straight up in the morning? Will the grandma habits of quilting, canning, and gardening (along with the aforementioned gray hair) give you up as an old fogey?

These are all questions you won’t have to answer if you choose not to embrace your natural gray. 

However, if you do make the drastic decision to let it all go, you may stumble across a few things you never about yourself.

You might find yourself feeling strangely uncomfortable when people look a little too long while you’re grocery shopping. Is it the gray hair that doesn’t match the youngish person? Or do you have spinach in your teeth? In my case, it’s most likely both-though I could never tell you which one, as I regularly fail to check my teeth after lunch. 

On the plus side, you’ll be surprised at how comfortable you are with yourself, just as you are. It might be the ever nearing age of forty, but being in my natural state has created a boost in confidence in me like I’ve not experienced before. Who knew? 

You’ll also be astonished at how freeing it is not to be a slave to the dye. It doesn’t matter if comes by way of your bathroom or a ritzy salon, it just takes a darn long amount of time. And money. And once that part of your budget pie is freed up, you can go spend your dollars on other things. Like quilting supplies. (I am not getting old. I am not getting old.)

Finally, when you let the gray do it’s thing, you instantly become a conversation piece at parties. Unless they’re just talking about the spinach in your teeth. Or perhaps you've got a sticker on your butt. All of these have really happened.

Happy Friday friends,

Gray hair forever!



  1. Ha ha ha! Love this, Gina! You're gutsier than I!

    1. I don't know, I think laziness has something to do with it ;)


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