Tuesday, February 16, 2016

that book I never finished writing

Here's the bummer thing about diligence. It'll call to you to finish things you didn't really intend to finish. Or maybe, it's not that you didn't want to finish them, you just never got around to it. Like scheduling that annual lady parts exam. You know you need to do it, you just find yourself putting it off.

It hasn't been that I haven't wanted to finish that book. It was that it felt like having uncomfortable medical exams done more than anything else. I didn't really find myself excited to be working on something that felt like so much drudgery, and I reasoned that creating anything out of that obligation would result in a product that was dull and lifeless.

And then I set off to be diligent about things. I knew that this goal would eventually have me facing an impartial manuscript and I was okay with that. I was slowly getting prepared for that, even before the whole word about diligence came floating into my life. But it still felt like calling my OBGYN so I waited.

And then one morning it hit me, a surge of inspiration like I hadn't had in over a year. Unfortunately I was in the bathroom at the time, which led to a bit of scrambling to move and get somewhere where I could start recording the words as God dumped them at me from up above. But I got there and pounded out over 1000 like it was nothing and I knew that God had called me back.

So now I write. And yes, it's not always fun. I don't really know what he wants to do with this book, and I'm okay with that. I know that I have to just be diligent to finish step one and when it's right, God will lead me to step two.

It's kind of like Abraham. Poor ol' Abe, who God told to go, but didn't to tell him where he was going. But Abraham was trusting and he believed God. So he set off, trusting God to lead to the right place. (See Genesis 12 for the whole story) 

Sometimes the destination isn't as important as the lessons that God wants to teach us on the way.

So whether you're staring at a big unknown today, or you know you need to take a step of faith-let's just be like Abraham, okay? Let's just go. Following God is be a grand adventure. Sometimes adventures are scary. And so it is. But still we go. And always he meets us.


Interested in what that book is about? Read more here

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  1. I am SO right here with you. I need to get back to writing but have been procrastinating!! And once I start procrastinating I find it very hard to stop.


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