Friday, April 15, 2016

Half Pint Farm Weekly Garden Update - April 15th

Things are growing right along. And the chickens have adjusted to being penned up in the run. They also keep the grass nice and trimmed for us ;)

Not too much to report this week, here in Central Oregon it's a total hurry up and wait thing with our gardens. So boo to that. The good news is that the beets are up-they're tiny but they're up. Planting seeds is such an act of faith. We put these tiny things in the dirt and pray and wait and hope, trusting that God will do what he does to make things grow. And outside of creating a healthy environment, there's nothing I can do to make a seed grow. It's a miracle really.

The blueberries are coming on strong, it's our second year with fruit-so this year we're hoping for a little bigger yield, we'd be happy with a handful of berries. I think we only got maybe 5 last season.

And despite our neglect of these raspberries last year, they're back up this year. We lost 2 of the 3 plants we had over the winter. Because we failed to care for them. But. This year we'll do better.

And here is the glamorous set up we have just outside our bedroom. This was a great solution for us last year, and once it's warm enough outside at night we'll move this out with the green house cover it came with to continue growing the tomatoes before they get planted in the dirt. We follow the old timer advice around here, don't plant tomatoes until June 1 or whenever the snow is off Black Butte. Whichever comes later. Did I mention that gardening is an act of patience around here? Because it is. However, we've done it this way all along and end up with decent tomato yields, despite our short growing season. 

And the kale and tomatoes are doing just fine in the sunny window.

And here's a few Central Oregon garden tips:

Now is a great time to trim deciduous trees and shrubs.

And by mid month (that's now!) it should be safe to plant seed potatoes, peas, radishes, turnips and spinach. Use a soil thermometer to be on the safe side, soil temps should be around 45-50 degrees for optimal germination. We'll get ours out early next week.

Also, we keep row covers handy and keep an eye on the forecast for freezing overnight temps, so we can cover things in a hurry if we need to. Check Craig's List or Swap groups on Facebook for old sheets and blankets if you want to do this on the cheap. Even old buckets turned upside over tender plants does the trick.

So along with general clean up of the lawn, and planting all the pretty flowers, the garden is getting ready to keep us pretty busy. Just the way we like it. :)

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