Friday, April 8, 2016

Half Pint Farms Weekly Garden Update - April 7

Spring has hit hard around here. And we can't hardly restrain our selves from planting all of the things.

However, our short growing season and cold nights have forced us to practice much self control when it comes to planting. 

Last year we tackled a garden expansion, adding a 10 by 20 plot to the four raised beds we already had. We were on a mission to grow lots and lots of food. It was challenging but it was also successful. So much so that I managed to put up over 55 pints of pickles and salsa, and 10 quarts of fermented sauerkraut and pickles. We also ended up with a freezer full of other goodies that we're slowly working through. 

It felt like such an operation that we affectionally dubbed ourselves Half Pint Farms. We are loving the results of our efforts at suburban gardening. We've got 1/7 of an acre, just a normal city lot. But we're on a mission to grow what we can where we are.

So naturally-we're going to do it all over again. 

Here's where we are this week:

We finally put the chickens away. We let all 12 of the hens have run of the yard all winter, but now that we're ready to get the garden going they've been moved back to their run. But they kept our weeds down, and so this spring we've hard virtually zero weeds to pull. We did however, have a fairly large amount of chicken poo to deal with. So that's a bummer. 

The garden is tilled up where it was needed (the chickens did that work for us as well) and soil amendments have been added. We typically use our own compost, but it's just not ready this time. Our local garbage place has some great soil builder that we add and turn in to the raised beds and the garden plots. 

Beets, lettuce, and carrots have all been seeded outside. 

I use garden stakes with twine and a yardstick to make sure the seeds are spaced evenly. And in a straight row. Zac goes in behind me and makes sure the drips are set up in the right places. 

 The herbs are planted and growing well, along with some zinnias we started from seed. 

Things are growing, but it's still pretty bare. We can't wait to watch those spots fill up!

And inside, we've started tomatoes, kale and broccoli. They're all growing well and loving the sunny window sill. It's still too early to put them outside, but we're on the way!

I'll be back every week, sharing what's growing and also sharing tips and tricks we're learning along the way. High Desert Gardening can be tricky, but it's not impossible! And I'd be thrilled to answer any questions you have as well :)

Happy Gardening this week!

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