Hey there! I'm Gina and I paint things. 

This is the part where I tell you all about my experience and extra special art education. Or I talk about my gobs of talent, or something like that. And then I tell you why you should buy my art. 

But actually, the truth is that I'm not any more creative than you are. Really, you are just as creative as I am. We're all born with an innate ability to create art. I'm one of the lucky ones who gets to do this and make money. 

I'm a self taught artist who paints solely for the love of painting. Something magical begins to happen when I start to paint, it becomes a dance and a song and just downright fun. The truth is that I feel God's presence when I paint. And I pray that comes through to you when you see my art. He's the best and first creative and anything I do, I do just because he's told me to. 

Thanks for your interest in my work, I'm so glad you're here!