Price includes the cost of materials and labor; additional shipping costs will be estimated in advance.

12" x 12" $150
11" x 14" $150
24” x 24” $300
24" x 36" $350
36"x 36"  $450

At this time, I only offer commissions in the sizes indicated above.

Work will be completed on 1.5 inch canvas, wired and ready to hang. If you’d like the painting framed, please add an additional $25 to the total cost. Shipping will be added to the cost listed above.  

I don't do duplicates. If you like one of my earlier works, I'd be happy to create something similar. But, the best part of customizing a piece is that it's for you, and therefore all yours. Let's work together to create a piece that represents YOU.


I require 50% deposit up front; the remaining, plus any additional charges are due upon completion, prior to delivery. If you aren't happy with the final piece, the sale will be voided and the artist retains deposit.


After the image of the completed work is emailed, you may request one round of minor revisions (no more than 30 minutes). Any other revisions may be commissioned at the rate of $50 per hour.


Most work will be completed within 30 days. An initial estimated completion date will be established prior to the time of deposit. Turnaround time does not include time allotted for delivery.


Collectors within 30 miles of Redmond Oregon may request in-person delivery at no additional charge. Any additional postage will be added to the final payment invoice.


Original art becomes the property of the collector; artist retains all reproduction rights unless otherwise agreed upon in writing in advance of purchase.

Interested? Questions? Get in Touch! 

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