about the art and the artist

The message of my art is pretty simple. I desire to create paintings that celebrate life in all it’s gloriously messy processes. Who we are becoming is just as important as who we were, and the events that brought us to our present circumstances deserve to be celebrated and honored. Without those events, we wouldn’t be who we are today.

Simply put, my art celebrates the process of living and the stories that make up our lives.

I live and paint in beautiful Central Oregon, where the landscapes and lifestyle inform my painting and my process.

After completing my bachelor’s degree with a focus on early childhood education, I quickly shifted gears to birthing my own children and have spent the last 16 years educating them in the school of life. I grew up surrounded by creative endeavors, but art always seemed decadent and frivolous, until one day something shifted and I began to answer the deep call to create.

So with insatiable curiosity, I’ve spent the last fours years refining my practice, voraciously learning, and painting whenever I had a spare moment. Turns out, when you make something a high priority in life, you end up finding the time to cultivate it.

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