the painting process

Whether I’m embarking on a floral piece or an abstract piece, my process is unique and multi-stepped. I begin with a feeling or a memory, or sometimes a line from literature or a song lyric and allow those small beginnings to affect my feelings as I paint. I start with fast and furious brushstrokes, laying down color in wide swaths. I often work on several paintings at once, moving from abstract to floral and back again, which has the beautiful benefit of creating a multi piece series that often has a similar feel and color palette.

If I’m working on a floral I’ll “rough in” the shapes of my arrangement several times, in every orientation until the composition feels right. At this point I’ll stop and begin an intentional process of sorting out colors and shapes. For abstracts it’s much the same. Big color, find the shapes, and build from there. I use a variety of materials and tools in the process, sometimes to remove a layer once it’s down or scratch out areas to my liking. It’s somewhat chaotic intuition and somewhat intentional thought. I will often intentionally leave bits of the initial rough sketches in place. Along the way, I often jot down thoughts I have while working on the pieces, bits of conversation that I hear from around the house, or words that I hear while listening to a podcast. Sometimes these bits remain, sometimes they end up obscured in subsequent layers.

In the end, if I’ve accomplished what I was after, all those layers will add up to tell a story. And hopefully, that story will inspire you or encourage you or make you laugh or even make you cry.

I’d love to have you come along and become a part of the story. Click the links below to shop finished paintings or request a commission.