Spaghetti Brain • 11x14

Spaghetti Brain • 11x14


After 20 years of marriage I’ve learned that my ways of thinking are lots different from my husband. My thoughts are a tangled pile of pasta, impossible to sort one from the other. Much like the classic children’s book If You Give Mouse a Cookie. I can’t think of one thing without a hopeless trek to the next thing, and then the next. And on and on it goes. Maybe it would easier to say that’s it’s never quite in my head.

• original mixed media painting on professional watercolor paper

• image measures 11”x14”

• painted using professional quality paints

• signed+ carefully packaged for shipping

• item does not come framed or matted

*Please be aware that all my artwork is one-of-a-kind and may have minor flaws or nuances such as slightly raw edges where the paper was taped down during painting or slight warping because of the medium used.

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